Community Energy

Green Fox Community Energy Co-operative is one of over 400 community energy organisations that make up the community energy sector in England, Scotland, and Wales. Community energy puts people at the heart of the energy system. It brings them together to take democratic climate action by understanding, generating, owning, using, and saving energy. Community energy can help underpin the more rapid rollout of a decentralised energy supply system by giving local people a stake in the outcome.

The financial capital required for each initiative is usually funded through a public share offer, specifically aimed at local people. Share capital raised in this way is unique to co-operative and community benefit societies, enabling them to buy assets and hold them for the benefit of the community in perpetuity. They typically offer a target rate of return, membership, and participation in decision-making.

Community energy organisations are already at the forefront of energy innovation, accelerating the transition to a decentralised zero-carbon energy system while increasing social, economic, and environmental benefits primarily at a local level but with a national significance for mitigating climate change, local prosperity, and community cohesion.

Installing a multitude of low carbon technologies, the community energy sector has raised over a quarter of a billion pounds of investment through share offers and matched funding for low carbon projects and initiatives. In 2020 community-owned energy capacity in the UK totalled 319 MW. Taking a community-based approach ensures that economic, social, and environmental values are retained locally and local interests are championed in the transition to a net-zero economy.